Our Founders, Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips

Mr. Phillips graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1930. Upon conclusion of his formal education, Mr. Phillips joined the banking industry where he served in many capacities until his retirement as Vice Chairman of the Board of Commerce Union Bank.


Mr. Phillips dedicated himself to making Nashville a dynamic and enjoyable place to work and live. He served on the boards of many corporations and non profit organizations. 


Mrs. Phillips was an active volunteer who had a wide range of interests in the Nashville community. She never sought recognition for her work and received a great sense of self satisfaction from her volunteer activities.


The Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation was established in 1978 after the death of Mrs. Phillips, but was not fully funded until the death of Mr. Phillips in 1986. Since that time, the Foundation has distributed over $13,000,000 to various non-profit organizations in the Nashville area.

Junior Advisory Board

The Junior Advisory Board of the Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation has been developed to educate the founders’ family members on the value of philanthropy and volunteerism. In addition, membership on the Junior Advisory Board is intended to promote an interest in the activities of the Foundation and prepare the next generation for Board service.


Participation is strictly voluntary and is open to the Committee on Beneficiaries' children who are over the age of ten. Each member will be responsible for selecting and researching a nonprofit organization and making a grant recommendation to the Committee. The Committee on Beneficiaries will be responsible for voting on each request.

Funding Priorities

While the Foundation will review all grant requests, the Committee on Beneficiaries will give the highest priority to those non-profit organizations that were supported by Mr. and Mrs. Phillips. All other requests will be evaluated based on a number of criteria including the type of service offered, the number of clients served, financial stability and the general overall need of the applicant.